best source for parts

06-12-2019, 09:13 PM
Hi - I just joined the group after buying a 2010 cvpi

Can you either direct me to appropriate forum or give me info on where to find parts for my Crown Vic? Right now I need a spare tire and driver's side airbag (at least I think I need an airbag - the light is on on the dash

thank you in advance

06-13-2019, 05:19 PM
It is probably the airbag sensor, but could be a whole bunch of things. When you turn the car on, the sensor light should flash in a sequence, a pause, then another sequence. Flash, flash, flash, pause, flash, flash would indicate a code of 32 and so on. Then you can google that code to see what the computer says it thinks is wrong. Sorry, haven't had that car so can't help on parts.

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