Hyundai Accent 2010 to ?????

06-07-2019, 03:52 PM
I currently have a 2010 Hyundai Accent Hatchback 2 door with about 125,000km on it. The car is still running well and it definitely has some life left in it. That being said, I am ready to move on and give this car over to my wife who has her license but commutes 3 hours total to and from work each day as she has no vehicle. Giving her this car will increase her quality of life and be a good starter vehicle for her.
The current Hyundai car is little, I'm a 6 foot tall guy and although the car has served me well through the years I feel I just don't look or feel right in it, and it doesn't reflect who I am today. I've grown out of it and want something classier, and yes, a bit bigger.
I've been shopping around online for new and used cars and I don't really know what I'm doing. I got the 2010 Hyundai from my mother many years ago at zero cost when she upgraded her car to a different model, so I have no experience purchasing a new or used vehicle.
In all honesty, purchasing used scares the hell out of me, and it makes me very uncomfortable as far as paying for it is concerned. I also don't fully understand the final cost of a new car with all the leasing and financing options on the table and worry after all is said and done the prices will be much more than what I am shown online.
Not only that, but I don't even know which model to start looking at. I thought I wanted a Dodge Challenger 2018 that came in at around $41,000 Canadian after build online. Today I went to the dealership and sat in one, and despite finding it to be a very bold and totally awesome car that I have dreamed about for ages, it's massive, and I think it's more vehicle than I can handle commandeering.

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Price range: 15,000$ CAD to 30,000$ CAD
Lease or Buy: Buy
New or used: New
Type of vehicle: Something Classy
Must haves: Fairly fuel efficient, heated seats (harsh winters)
Desired transmission (auto/manual, etc): Automatic only.
Intended use: Daily Driver and Weekend Car to enjoy
Vehicles you've already considered: Dodge Challenger (turned out to be huge and I think i would wreck it) Am a sucker for cars with style, classics.
Is this your 1st vehicle: No, it would be my 2nd.
Do you need a Warranty: Ugh, I mean, Warranties are cool, do I need one. Umm, you tell me?
Can you do Minor work on your own vehicle: I fill the windshield washer fluid and the gas.... oh and once i tightened a screw inside the trunk.. I turn key, car go vroom.. I don't know cars...
Can you do Major work on your own vehicle: Sure, if my goal is to create a bomb.

I commute to work 30 minutes each way, every single day of the week, 95% highway. The Challenger, I can only assume, does not really fit the bill of anything related to economy, right.
Any recommendations? Website tools that help select cars? What the hell should I be looking for...
Any help is much appreciated.

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