Wiring Harness Diagram. 2004

04-18-2019, 09:24 PM
Hey guys.

Thanks again for all the help. Still slowly being driven insane by this envoy. Would anyone happen to have a diagram of the fusebox under the hood? I need the two main wiring harnesses that go into it. The fusebox number is FG 2513-1911. I haven't had time to get to a lot or so taking pics under someone else's hood hasn't been an option. If you know a site I can go to get it off, that would be awesome.

Thanks again for helping me get rolling. :wink:

04-19-2019, 10:06 AM
Sometimes it is just as easy as looking at another vehicle-- I'd look for used Envoys on the lot and pretend to want to buy it, while popping the hood and getting all the info I need about the fusebox, including photos. Any reputable dealer would allow this- also recking yards and any friends who drive an Envoy.

I once had a vehicle where the fusebox wiring harnesses were in backwards, having the starter wire circuit directly into a fuse that only blew when overloaded by the a/c....left me stranded for several hours before I figured it out....the car had been in a body shop and their "ace" mechanic swapped the hot lead wires- went and looked at another vehicle and soon discovered the difference.......

04-20-2019, 12:44 AM
The simplest answers are always the best. Thanks for the advice. I'll do that.

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