Can't Find Rear View Mirror

01-21-2019, 06:37 PM
I like everything about my SUV except the auto-dimming rear view mirror. It's functioning properly, but I intensely dislike the light-to-dark/dark-to-light feature.

I thought about replacing the factory mirror. Don't want to do that. For reasons I will never understand, there are four wires permanently connected to the mirror. There should be a modular plug. My SUV is covered by a very lengthy and expensive warranty. I cannot cut factory wires and void the warranty.

I purchased a 270mm flat mirror online. Unfortunately, that 270mm width does not include the plastic frame. The overall width including the frame is 279.4mm. That additional 9.4mm prevents the sun visor from operating.

The factory mirror (including the frame) is 260.35mm. Before searching the web, I assumed a 260mm clip-on mirror would be about 270mm including the frame. That would provide enough clearance for the sun visor. After many Google searches I found one flat (don't want convex) 260mm mirror listed by an eBay seller in the UK.

Before I quit, maybe one of you guys would have better luck finding a 260mm flat clip-on mirror sold in the USA. If you find anything, please point my browser in the right direction.

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