2005-2010 Honda Odyssey Sliding Door Slider Replacement

01-07-2019, 08:24 PM
2005-2010 Honda Odyssey Sliding Door Slider Replacement

Long Phillips
Flathead Screwdriver
10, 12mm sockets
Needle Nose Pliers
Floor Jack
Scan Tool

Sliding door not operating correctly.

May experience electronic door issues as popping open and beeping, door will not open and close smoothly or get stuck and not move at all. Causes can be wear and tear, using the bottom door support as a step, damaged door track. If the problem is not resolved with electronic doors the slider may cause premature motor assembly failure.

Carefully get the door to the middle position. If the door is shut use a scan tool to release the door then release the motor clutch to move the door without causing further damage. Open the trunk and take your flat head screwdriver and pop the two cover caps off of the taillight. Remove the taillight assembly. That then exposes a 10mm bolt. Remove that. By the seat belt of the middle row will be a screw. Using your long reach screw driver remove the screw that is by the track. Going to the back of the car place your hand on the panel above the track and carefully slide it toward the front of the car. That then exposes the whole track. Take your floor jack and prop the back bottom corner of the door. Then take your 12mm and remove the two bolts that hold the slider to the door. Since you used a floor jack roll the door forward to allow yourself more room to replace the slider. You then want to position the slider so you move the bottom straight up until it removes off of the tracks. If you have a scan tool and haven't already released the clutch of the motor do so now. Take your needle nose pliers and remove the cables from the slider. (Similar to a bicycle cable) Most replacement sliders only come with the sliders and not the back piece of the hinge to the slider. If this is the case take your flat head and remove the c ring. Taking your hammer tap the pin out of the hinge and assemble your new slider.

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