2007-2009 Mazda CX-7 2.3L Starter Diagnosis and Replacement

01-05-2019, 04:00 PM
2007-2009 Mazda CX-7 2.3L Starter Diagnosis and Replacement

Test Light
10,12,13,14,mm sockets
12,14,mm wrench
Pry bar
Flat head Screwdriver
Zip Tie (optional)

Driver will turn the key to the start position, hear a click, hit and miss start, or experience no start.

When you turn the key make sure the security light goes out. Next check the battery charge and terminals. You are making sure the terminals are not loose nor have poor or faulty connections. After that check the relay. You are checking for a click, if you have another exact matching relay swap it to see if anything changes. While you are in the fuse box confirm that the ignition fuse is not blown. If all checks out grab a second set of hands and your test light, ground the test light on the passenger strut tower ground. Take your test light and probe the thin wire on the starter solenoid. When the key is turned this should cause the test light to illuminate which would indicate a faulty starter.

Starter Replacement:
Raise the car a comfortable height off of the ground. Open the hood and remove the plastic cover. Remove the positive terminal with a 10mm. Under the car will be a skid plate that is held with 10mm bolts. Remove those. The Starter is located in the front of the motor above the oil filter. Remove the thin wire from the solenoid with the assistance of a flat head screw driver. Next you will see a black plastic box on the starter solenoid. This is a cover that opens to reveal the positive connection from the battery. Remove the 13mm nut. From here forward is done by feel. On the bottom of the starter you will find a 14mm bolt. Remove that. Following you will feel a bracket that holds a hose that leads to above the oil filer. (Optional: There is a tie that holds two wires to that hose. If you take the pair of dikes and cut that it will make this easier) Going back to the bracket you need to remove the 12mm nut that holds that bracket on. Take your pry bar and pry that bracket off and out of the way to access the 14mm studded bolt. Take your wrench and loosen that bolt and if you have enough clearance remove that bolt with your ratchet. Once that is off the starter should come free. Some have gaskets that make them stick to the motor. From up top you want to fish the starter to the drivers side of the car and work it out through the bottom near the transmission.
For Re-assembly, repeat the steps backwards. If you are on flat rate, you can switch the starter bolt positions so the studded bolt will be on the bottom cutting 45mins off your time. This although will leave the bracket not bolted down and be sure to re ziptie the wires if you cut the old tie earlier.

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