Non Starting problem, 2010 Pilot. WTH IS IT?????

12-15-2018, 04:48 PM
I've never posted on the Honda forum before because, well, I never really have any problems with Hondas. However, I have one I cannot figure out.
I left the vehicle sitting for about a week and a half and when I tried to start it the battery was completely flat. It had been a little weak but serviceable. I figured some interior lights were left on so charged the battery and attempted to start it. The dreaded "click".

Battery read 12.4 but passed a load test with flying colors. So I decided I needed a battery anyway and bought a new one, put it in and "click", this time cables hot. connections smoking. I tried LOTS of clicks. Starter hot to the touch. SO I figured my grounds were bad and cleaned all clamps, wire brushed the chassis connections and put a new 00 guage copper cable for the chassis to engine gound....... "Click".

SO I bought a new starter, the old one tested at 52 amps on the bench and the new one at 70 so I figured that might be it. So I put in the new starter (if anyone has done this on a Pilot you know what a b*tch it is to get the old starter off). wired the new starter and..... "click". Lots of attempts and I turned my starter and cables into a 12V heater again.

So I put a wrench on the pulley and turned the crank pulley 1/2 turn to make sure the engine wasn't siezed. It did. SO I figured there might have been a problem with the starter gear meshing with the flywheel. So I tried to start it and.... "click".

So, I am lost. I've got good voltage at the cable on the starter, I also cleaned that cable end. I really don't know what to look for at this point. Everything points to the classic bad ground story but I don't know what else I can do. I plan on getting a lead clamp (old school) for the positive terminal and re-attaching the hot leads to it to make sure they aren't corroded inside the sheathing. After that I am out of ideas.

Anyone have a similar experience? Advice? Help?
If so, thanks.


12-16-2018, 10:53 AM
You could try jumping the solenoid on the starter to see if it will start to turn over.

If you do this be very careful. Make sure it is in park and if possible have someone inside the car to hold the brakes just in case something crazy happens.

EDIT Another thing just occurred to me. Make sure the car is fully in park. You could also try moving the shifter to neutral andtry to start it. It could be a neutral safety switch issue.

12-18-2018, 03:36 PM
Definitely not a trans lockout or I wouldn't be putting juice to the starter. I can't really get anything on the solenoid contact as it is well recessed in a socket. I know that I am getting a large amount of juice to the starter as it gets VERY hot.

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