Fun with a timing belt!!!

12-02-2018, 04:47 PM
I have been working on my son's 2008 Spectra and replaced the timing belt. I used a kit from Autozone that is a Dayco branded hose, tensioner pulley, idler pulley and water pump. When I took everything apart after setting all of the timing marks, I compared the factory stuff with the Dayco. The one thing that I noticed immediately was the play in the tensioner pulley on the Dayco vs. the Gates original. THere was what I would consider much more play than normal in the Dayco. But, I proceeded to put everything on it and get it all installed. I also changed all of the drive belts. After setting the initial tension with the arrow pointing in the window of of the tensioner housing, I proceeded to turn the engine two complete revolutions. The arrow was still in the window. After messing with it several more times, I torqued everything and put the car back together. After my son drove the car for a good 800 miles this past week and a half, he came home. I took the top cover off and noticed a good amount of debris from the side of the timing belt closest the engine. I could tell the belt had moved inward and was appearing to hit the back rim of the tensioner pulley. So, I proceeded to do the whole job again, but this time I put the old tensioner back on. When I got everything back together, I reset the tension on the original one and gave it four revolutions. It remained in the window. I started the car after reassembling everything and ran it for several minutes. When I shut it off, the arrow was still at the edge of the window. I then test drove the car for about 10 miles and various speeds up to 85 and went back home. I checked again and the arrow was below the window, which means to me the tension loosened somewhat. I checked the belt tension on the long side and it appears fine. I also checked the belt and it was close to the back edge of the tensioner lip, but did not appear to be touching.

Is there anything that I am missing, or could this be suspect parts with the new stuff that I bought? Thoughts and insight is greatly appreciated!!


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