Alternator Replaced, Dash Battery & Brake Light On

10-15-2018, 12:31 PM
I've had the alternator for my 1998 Honda Passport LX replaced. The battery's been checked out good and the alternator tested good right before being installed into the vehicle. All the connections check out and the belt is good and tight, although the pulley stem on the alternator is slightly shorter than the rest of the pulley's on the rest of the charging assembly (which I'm told is not a "deal breaker"), but the alternator still doesn't appear to be charging the battery.

Several weeks before the original alternator went bad, the key got stuck in place in the ignition and could not be pulled out. As soon as the alternator went out, seemingly miraculously, the key became released from the ignition. After testing the alternator to verify it having gone bad, it was replaced with the one that tested good. NOW...however...the battery light, on the dash, and the brake light next to it have stayed on and the key seems to "stick", periodically, in the ignition as the battery loses power. Having checked the battery and charging system with a volt all indicates that the alternator isn't charging the battery.

I've been told it sounds like there is an issue with the electrical part of the ignition switch not making contact with the alternator. (Is this called the ignition control module?) I can't find much of anything on YouTube about where this might be located in my vehicle to check it...but does this sound like the potential problem for a fix in my charging problem and where would I find this part of the ignition system in my Passport???

10-26-2018, 07:21 AM
there should be a large main fuse that might be blown. also a regular fuse. both need to be good for alternator to work. how was replacement alternator checked? also you should have battery voltage at the large wire on alternator with key off

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