Holey Vectra

10-02-2018, 07:18 AM

My VECTRA DIESEL, 2.0 DTi LS 5dr, 2002 is parked up from Jan - March each year as we spend the winter in Tenerife now I've retired. But I don't have a garage and the car is parked on the drive and the battery takes a bashing; the lad promises to run it every few days but... err... that's another story.

Anyway I have bought a solar panel and charge controller to set up a trickle feed while I'm away. I have a friend who uses this method to keep his boat's battery topped-up during the winter and it was him that steered (no pun intended) me in that direction.

I have no problems with leaving the car with the solar panel on the dash, but I don't want wires, tell-taleing or in the elements outside. Ideally I would like to avoid drilling through the bulkhead and was wondering if anybody might suggest an existing route I might use to get the wires from the battery to the solar panel inside the car.



It's okay now thanks to anybody who has read this, but was unable to help. I have figured out a way to do it now and won't be needing to trouble anybody further.

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