2006 malibu radio / data center issue

ky wonder
04-20-2018, 10:35 PM
last night my son was driving home with his old Malibu, 150000 miles

when he made a turn he got onto the rumble strip and stated he lost radio and data center

pulled the 10amp fuse and it was blown, replaced it with two more 10 amp fuses and they blew as soon as you made connection, with key out of ignition:banghead:

I realize its going to be a short, butt if anyone has had this happen and can point me into a logical direction I would appreciate a heads up on where to start my search, :jerking:

I am assuming between the fuse box and radio since the fuse has power running thru it even with the key out

anyway any and all help would be much appreciated, my electrical skill are not that well developed, and as always my sons budget is short on resources

Blue Bowtie
04-21-2018, 08:38 AM
Getting a reliable wiring diagram is going to be very helpful.

Generally, look for pinched or abraded wire harnesses or individual wires, especially any which are not restrained or are just hanging free.

Tech II
04-21-2018, 02:52 PM
I think this fuse only feeds the radio and nothing else....

I would remove the radio and disconnect the harnesses and try a new fuse......if it still blows, it's a wiring problem, not the radio......

If it doesn't blow, attach a grounded test light to the harness....it's connector harness C1, at terminal B1, red with a white stripe.......now move the harness around, with the test light connected, to see if the fuse blows, if it doesn't it's the radio....

If it's determined that the radio is ok, and that it is a short in the wiring, just run another wire to a power source and stick in an inline 10A fuse, cut the red/white wire a couple inches back of the harness, and attach your new power source.....that short could be anywhere.....

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