2000 F350 Tritan 6.7 Injector repair

02-13-2018, 12:40 AM
First off I am not a mechanic and any repairs I do attempt I take from what little info I can get from my Haynes manual and and sought out "hard to listen to" youtube videos. ........With that being said I Just finished a heli-coil repair on the rear d/s cyl. (Holding up nicely). 1.5 days later spark plug spits out on p/s rear cyl. coil and coil boot are soaked in what I thought was oil but All lines are dry and intact. The injector beside this cyl has moisture. So I check Dipstick and spark plug both smell like fuel. Shoot - How bad is this?

Thinking it just needs an injector replaced. So what I found is I need to replace the injector and o-rings , use a heli-coil and get the spark plug and coil back on, change the oil and oil filter. check all other spark plugs and coils. '--- If I do all this - In Theory, will I be good to go? Is there anything else I should check/repair to figure out why this happened or how I can keep other injectors or plugs from failing? Also how fool proof is this repair and how risky for fire or other damage? Hope to hear from anyone with some sound knowledge of this pain in the rear engine...

02-13-2018, 05:44 PM
I don't know a lot about the 6.7. I know that series F150 5.4 had troubles with plugs blowing and there are tons of videos on that. Forum wise, I suggest putting your issue to the following link for a Superduty.

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