Negotiating (1st timer)

11-02-2017, 07:22 PM
I think I have finally narrowed down my options to the Mazda CX-5 Touring AWD. The Mazda website lists this vehicle at $28,935 ( (MSRP), when I click to check the local inventory, my local dealer lists it at $28,155 (,73-C-U,10-C-U,76-C-U,8-C-U,81-C-U,2-C-U&exteriorColorId=1416644&interiorColorId=1416648&incentiveIds=4000239109&trimId=309024&zipcode=94112), and, finally, the TRUECar average lists it $27,376 (,73-C-U,10-C-U,76-C-U,8-C-U,81-C-U,2-C-U&exteriorColorId=1416644&interiorColorId=1416648&incentiveIds=4000239109&trimId=309024&zipcode=94112). So, knowing all this, hereís my situation:

First of all, this will be my first car. In the past, I briefly owned a used car and that was it. I owned it for about a year or two, canít remember. It was a very old car and in the end I donated it because I didnít want to continue paying to have it repaired. So, this will be my first NEW car. Now, I donít plan on financing this car as I will pay it in full. Also, Iíve never negotiated with a dealer, or with anyone for that matter. Knowing this, whatís the best way to approach the buying process? Should I do all the shopping around online before I set foot on an actual lot? Since Iím paying in full (no financing) what leverage, if any, do I have. Iím talking about getting things for free or a major (or minor) price reduction?

(BTW, I am in San Francisco, CA.)

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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