Customer Care Fail

10-17-2017, 06:59 PM
Just back from a Mitsubishi Dealership service. Car: 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander with 25.4K miles. Problem - rear view display is not working. The service person said the Head Unit (display) was defective. They took the unit out and put it back in (it worked) but said it would probably fail again in the not far future. They said the problem was most likely a computer board problem where a connection wasn't sottered properly. Charge to find problem: $125.00. The service rep said it would cost $925.00 to replace the Head Unit. The failure happened while away on a trip (while in warranty period) but waited until return to go to the dealership where the car was purchased - BIG MISTAKE!!! The service rep said to call Mitsubishi customer relations - that went nowhere. Mitsubishi corporate "Customer Care" said it was just out of warranty so there was no discussion about any coverage/help from Mitsubishi - THERE WOULD BE NOTHING THEY WOULD DO TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM. Considering an owner who has maintained loyalty to Mitsubishi since 1996 (first Mitsubishi was a Diamanti) I would think they would step up. I asked the the Mitsubishi corporate rep if I could talk to a supervisor and they simply said no - there would be no one to help resolve this matter. In short: MITSUBISHI DOES NOT REALLY STAND BEHIND ITS PRODUCTS AND CUSTOMER CARE IS NON EXISTANT. The company is an amazing disappointment if you plan to own one of their cars for longer than 3 years.

10-17-2017, 09:03 PM
Call again. Other CSR's will do more.

10-18-2017, 12:12 AM
I've called twice and I tried to be pleasant. To be fair this is a friend's car (I was with him when he made the purchase just over 3 years ago and again during the last two visits to the dealership service). The service rep (dealership) said they would need to do a check to find the problem and then we would call customer care with the results and they might wave the costs and cover the repair. We brought the car in the next day for serviced they took out the Head Unit and replaced it with a new one and it worked fine so it was not a wiring problem, they then put the original one back in and it worked but wrote it up "display is working for now but is not consistent will need to be replace Head Unit in near future". The service rep went on to say it was probably a sotter point on the computer board and a manufacturing defect but would need Customer Care (Corporate) to sign off on the replacement because the car warranty ended in Sept and the car was brought in on Oct 5. My friend was on a trip out of state and waited until he returned to bring it to the dealer that sold him the car and where he had been getting service on it.
My friend has owned Mitsubishi since 1996. His first, a Diamante, has been his standard for judging any other car he drives (and he is still driving it 21 years later). I tried to explain to Corporate Customer Care his customer loyalty but they were adamant. I know he called customer care when they first denied coverage and I am sure he was upset by the denial of care and probably did not respond well in telling the service was not good (but not in a foul way) when he felt they dumped on him. I can only add that when I called the second time (after the vehicle service) the tone of the rep was was not reasonable and he said I could talk to no one else to make the point about customer loyalty. He said there would be no one else and ended the call.
My involvement is because I don't like seeing some one so poorly treated by a company that he relied on and had all his service records to prove it.

10-18-2017, 10:21 AM
I appreciate the response. It is my friend's car but he can't articulate the anger after being a loyal customer for over 20 yrs.

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