Car accident help!

10-07-2017, 12:07 PM
Hi There,
I was involved in a car accident a few days ago. I parked my car in a parking lot and a truck hit my car in the rear bumper and the trunk lid when the driver backed up his car. He originally escaped but luckily a witness saw everything and call him, then he returned to the scene and admitted it and gave me his insurance info, he also gave me a unsigned buyer tag receipt which shows he just bought this truck three weeks ago in a local dealership. I did not call the police as I trust him.
I called the driverís insurance company the next day. The claim adjuster then called him for the verification, he admitted that it is his fault, however, he stated that the truck he was driving belongs to the dealership and he was doing a test drive! I showed the buyer tag receipt to the insurance claim adjuster, the adjuster said he believed that the driver is lying but he need a signed copy of the sale receipt from the dealership then my car damage will be covered. I talked to the dealership for this receipt, they verify on the phone that the car was sold that date based on the buyer tag receipt, but they can not provide the signed sale document because they have to protect the customerís privacy. Without this signed document, my car damage will not be covered and my own insurance does not have full coverage. So any one could suggest a simple and feasible option for me?



10-08-2017, 11:06 AM
If the guy was driving the car and it's still dealer owned, his insurance is still responsible for the damage as he was in control of the vehicle.

Regardless, it sounds like you need to get a lawyer involved, I would also recommend you filing a police report immediately. Not sure why you think the guy can be trusted - he already fled the scene of an accident.

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