Turbo'd 350 Rocket

10-05-2017, 09:12 AM
Hello. I'm looking at going with a turbo set up on a 1968 350 Rocket. The motor has 137k on it. All stock parts. Currently I have the top end off (intake and heads). I'm looking at replacing these parts in order to give it a better look and also a bit better life time with replacing these parts. Now here's the part where I need your guy's help.

One I really don't know much about turboing V8's. I bought a book several months ago on the turbocharging history, set ups, etc. It failed to mention really anything on turbocharged V8's.

So that being said... What should I really look for on motor parts. Should I spend the extra cash right away and go with a bottom end rebuild (should I go stock parts or go with extra money and get some forged internals?). I'm doing a blow through carb or should I think on going with EFI? I really do not want to do an EFI set up on a block that was originally carb'd as that's another wad of cash I don't have.

What set up on turbocharging system should I look at setting up for this V8? Twins, Bi's, single? I'm looking for best performance route but also it needs to be able to be ran on the streets. The truck I'm dropping the set up in is primarily a for streets, and car shows. The build will not see a track, or drag strip.

If you guys could give me some advice on this topic I really have no experience with that would be greatly appreciated.

08-29-2020, 06:01 PM
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