Need major help on somethings for a 350 Rocket!

10-02-2017, 08:04 PM
Ok, so I'm building a 1978 F150 "Low Boy". Its getting dropped to the ground. Anyways I'm putting a 350 Rocket in it. The black is a '68. So here are my two questions for you Pontiac guys...
1. Did Pontiac ever make a 5 or 6 speed trans for a 350 rocket, and if so what is it called.
2. Anyone know of a good company that makes a tubed intake. I'm trying to find an intake manifold that sits off the block, and runs tubes down to the intake ports (if that makes any sense trying to describe it).

Anyways thanks for the help guys anyone with some good info on the 2 questions is greatly appreciated!

Blue Bowtie
10-04-2017, 10:02 PM
First, the "Rocket" series engines were built by Oldsmobile.

GM used Borg-Warner, Saginaw, and Muncie transmissions in their manual cars. If you have a BOP bell housing to bolt to the block there will be numerous transmission options available. Most of the original transmissions were 4 speed at most. There are later T-10s, Tremecs, and McLeod 5-speed transmissions which could be adapted.

Pontiac used a valley pan and open web intake on their V-8s. Aftermarket intake options are limited. About the closest off-the-shelf intake to a tubular you will find is either a Victor or Torker II, but neither of those are optimal for a street driven truck.

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