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Porsche 937 (924 Carrera GTS Club sport) question

09-20-2017, 04:30 PM
Does anybody ever make this car in 1/24 scale?
I just have the ordinary 924 from Monogram and was just reading again Stratos75 thread about his friend street car. Monogram model looks not so bad then, maybe to start a conversion.

But before this, I must investigate a little around :)

the car is this:

Same question for the GTR version.

thank you

09-20-2017, 09:58 PM
Would the Monogram kit be a better starting point than the Hasegawa 944 kit?

09-20-2017, 11:58 PM

there is a Kit from Andy's Modellbau in Germany for Slotcars in 1:24 in GfK, look here:
This Kit based on an Burago Diecast Model and is not so scale you like.
From the 924 GTS and GTR are also Kits from DITECH Production in Germany, but i dont know if you can buy it.

09-21-2017, 05:56 AM
Would the Monogram kit be a better starting point than the Hasegawa 944 kit?

they are different cars. I prefer anyway eventually start from a true 924 than a 944. as Mikhail pointed out at the time I will not consider arii kit cause is not in shape.
Hasegawa 944 is surely better for the already in shape front fenders, but rear ones can be tricky to convert I think.

Some Gfk bodies I have and is really the last option available cause is a hell to work with. The details are pretty lower than plastic models and body surface remains very often rough. Some modelers worked with gfk body and they had a hell thank you for Andy's link but I don't think it works for me (prefer the old way of putty, plasticard, usual).
Ditech slot I've tried many years ago and get disappointed. Think I am done with them.

09-25-2017, 12:39 PM
I recommend you to mix the front part of Italeri's Porsche 944S ( with the rear part of Monogram's Porsche 924 ( Then you should modify a bit the front bumper and fenders of 944 and, of course, the rear fenders of 924. (

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