Should I buy a used Subaru?

04-25-2017, 08:21 PM
I'm new to Subarus, but I'm thinking of buying used one. They seem light weight and perfect for getting through the ice and snow. I'm a single person with no kids and normally buy used subcompact Toyotas to save money. I'm moving to a colder climate with more ice and snow than I'm used to, and I think I should have all-wheel drive.

Do many smaller Subarus have the ability to take down the back seat? I'd like to put cross-country skiis in my car, but if I couldn't put my skiis in the car, that's not a deal breaker. Storage capacity is not that big of a deal.

Do Subarus have a little higher suspension than other sedans? I'm concerned about getting through the snow.

My current car would get nothing as a used car if I sold it. But it is a reliable car, so I wonder if I should just plan around the weather and stay in a great deal during the winter. After two or three years, the car will be easy to discard (e.g., it will need $2,000 of repairs).

I could spend $12,000 cash. I'd rather postpone it or pay less than that. I like fuel efficiency and low cost maintenance. I just like reliable cars to get me from point A to point B. Any recommendations?

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