First project car

03-25-2017, 07:35 PM
Hey there, only passed my driving test a few months ago. Was looking around online and found an absolutely amazing deal on a Porsche 944 with a new-ish engine and many many aftermarket parts, but even though the car is worth 2995 the insurance per year for me would be over 7000 per year :( I went looking for some other cars, but most seem to carry huge insurance costs; Mitsubishi gto, Audi A6 saloon, Cadillac BIS v6 etc. Even the Rx 7 and rx8 would cost me 8000+ per year as they're classed as a 2.6l because of their Wankel engines :( So here's my question, are there any affordable cars on the market that are under 3000 that wouldn't carry a huge insurance cost? The only iconic classic/sporty car I could find was the Austin Mini which isn't really ideal because of space mainly. I love the idea of owning an older sporty car like the 944 but I can't find anything suitable because of insurance :( Could I get any recommendations please? :)
Thanks in advance-Cam

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