Intake Manifold

07-02-2003, 09:40 PM
I own an 88' Dodge Ram V8 318. I'll be restoring the entire body and rebuilding the engine soon. Im looking to when done putting a lot of mods onto the pickup - one in particular an intake manifold. At I've found two intakes which will fit on my truck. I am not sure which one is better or if there are better deals out there in Canada (Im in the Windsor, Ontario area - across from Detroit, Michigan), so I am looking for help. These are the two I've found :

TORKRII 440 CHRY413/26/40 $354.46 CD.


Big-Block Chrysler Manifold - Performer 315/360 (non-EGR) $411.99 CD

Big-Block Chrysler Manifold (

Which is better? None? Better deals out there? Don't do it?

I am not the best with cars so I am getting a lot of help from home. Im just out looking for more help here. Thanks!

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