Aoshima pagani huayra photo etched parts some wrong error.

02-23-2017, 12:48 PM
A few days ago sended a complain to Aoshima Co.

1.A gap in the brake disk etching

2.Incorrect angle pattern and wrong size
Horizontal hexagon pattern

Kit original parts

Photo etched parts(vertical hexagon pattern)

Size to be compared with original part.

Grind to cut the borders

Modified rim size

3.Incorrect application method of turn signal lamp etching
real car

Photo etched parts apply

If you use parts no.23, to give up the turn signal lamp.

4.Gas pedal of wrong vehicle (pagani zonda series model)

Kit original parts

etched parts

Huayra real pedal

Zonda Series pedal

I requested a fix or exchange for this wrong product, but I have not received a response yet.

02-27-2017, 06:07 AM
Thanks for your review!

Aoshima was indeed in a hurry releasing Huayra, and the instructions manual has errors too. But nevertheless it's better than nothing.

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