New guy says hi!

02-07-2017, 10:51 AM
Hi all!
Just picked up a very high mileage 2003 for cheap.
I am a sucker for odd and unusual cars, so the Aztek awd suits me fine!
It's by no means my daily driver.... I was hoping to use it as my weekend fishing
"Truck". I recently sold the motor home and boat as the kids are all grown up
And the wife wants to graduate to hotel/spa vacations!!!!
My current home fleet includes a 2017 Ford Edge, 2015 Ford F-350 diesel, and a
1982 Porsche 911sc. I've owned some real "wonders" in my day like a 74 fiat 128sl, Suzuki X90, Suzuki trackers, VW cabriolets, oh and that Toyota Previa van! A true list of head shakers And knuckle busters for sure!
Any way, just wanted to say hi! Already getting ready to do the c305
Bypass, hoping that solves the fuel sender issue, awd disabled, and the intermittent no start issue.... Yeah that's right she's a real beauty!!

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