'69 Falcon Wagon

01-02-2017, 06:24 PM
Hey yall,

I just acquired an old Ford in preeetty rough shape. I'm pretty sure its the 2.8 straight 6 motor, 3 on the floors.

Well, it ran pretty good for awhile, but would intermittently not wanna start, in which case I'd jump the solenoid. Fast forward a couple months, it won't idle. I start it up and unload a can on carb cleaner anywhere I can. Next time I go to start it, dash lights up but I only get one click when turning the key, just like when I used to jump from the solenoid before, but now that won't get it goin' either.

Have to let it sit for about another month.

Today, I replaced the battery, solenoid, and starter. Same thing, turn the key and I get lights, but that's it. Can anyone here point me in the right direction to gettin' this thing driving again?

It's pretty chewed up and has wires going EVERYWHERE. There's a cable coming off the alternator that I believe is just an extra ground. Pretty ratty car, painted matte black and first gear is top right :confused:

That being said, tons of character and fun to work on. I am in Brooklyn though and we have street cleaning so I need to get it going before I start gettin' tickets.

Any help much appreciated!

01-03-2017, 11:01 AM
My guess is the ground cable from the battery to the engine block isn't making good contact at the block. Oil will leak down into the connection and get loaded up with dirt. First disconnect the battery. Then I would disconnect that lower ground connection and clean it then screw it back together good and tight. After that I'd do the same with the wire that goes down from the starter solenoid to the starter and be sure it is also super clean. You said you put in a new starter. Did you do a good job of cleaning the bolts and bell housing face to make sure a good ground was going through it also?

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