Buying a used Audi can I get an opinion

11-03-2016, 09:59 PM
I am currently looking at an 2005 Audi A4.
-190k miles
-Recent wheel alignment, new brakes, and recent oil change.
-It has recently had it's whole front end repaired after an accident.
-The person selling it asking for $5,900 but I would like to buy it for about $3,000.
-I am currently in college and would like to keep the car for about another 3 years
-Plus I am very far up north where it snows very often and is very cold.
-Car is originally from Indiana (Never been in heavy snow)
-No rust and the car looks almost new

Question (1) - Does anyone think this a good buy? The miles are very high and I fear that maintenance would cost much more than what I am buying the car for.

Question (2) - Does anyone know of any bargaining chips I can use in this situation to get the person to lower the price?

(First time buying a car)

11-04-2016, 05:17 AM
I would steer clear. At 190k miles its only a matter of time before very expensive things start going wrong.

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