Headlight issues

09-21-2016, 08:18 AM
We own a 2012 Dodge Journey. We have had some issues but overall okay. We have yet to find a *dealership that we like and trust....so here I am....
The first thing that I started to notice was that even when I got in the car in broad daylight and the light switch was off, the headlights*would be on and show them as on with the little green signal on dashboard. After a few minutes it would shut off (we do not have automatic headlights). Then we noticed on night after getting home and shutting off the lights and the car, that the lights would flash for a moment and this would happen intermittently, sometimes every 10 seconds, sometimes after 20 seconds, sometimes 30 or 40 seconds. We had to unplug the battery*at night so that my husband could drive to work in the morning. Inside of the car when it's flashing the lights, the dashboard lights up at the same time when the light flashes outside. Its as if someone is opening the door and getting in. It acts like what it does when you first enter the car but no one is entering the car. At first when you would*undo the battery, it wouldn't do it once you plugged in back in but today it did it once you plugged the battery*in, even while driving.**Any advice, info would be great! we can't keep unplugging the battery*every night, especially as winter gets closer. Help!*

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