Smashed front end now air bag light is on and seat belts won't retract

09-19-2016, 09:27 AM
2005 Elantra

My daughter is learning to drive and was pulling into a parking lot and overshot it and hit the curb. It smashed it in a little.

I suspect that it crushed the airbag sensor because now the airbag dash light is on and the seat-belts will not retract or come out any further.

Also mom and daughter said there was smoke and a burning smell inside the car. When I arrived to the scene and opened the door I could smell a burnt smell too.

I suspect that the airbag charge went off but nothing deployed?? Maybe the airbag is missing. I bought the car used from a dealer a few years back.

I am pretty mechanical but I have never dealt with airbags. Does anyone know how to get the seat-belts working again or how to deal with the airbag sensor?

Thanks, Joe

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