07 SRT8 not starting

09-04-2016, 11:23 PM
First time I've honestly had to go out and ask someone for help but I'm at an absolute loss at this point...

The car in question will not start. I tested the starter to conclude it was bad, replaced it and it still wouldn't start except for when I tried to jump it, then randomly a couple of times, but each time I had to toggle it on & off like 4-5 times. Tried a new battery(AutoZone tested it to be bad), still no luck, tried a new ignition switch, the new one was faulty, returned it, second one is also faulty, back to the stock ignition switch. I got a new starter relay in. Still no go
I tried to jump it again, and now even that's a no go...

Is there any suggestion or idea anyone out here might have?

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