2012 F250 locking hubs, need to replace, what years are the same?

08-04-2016, 07:11 PM
I have a 2012 F250 with the 6.2 in my shop, the axle ujoints are broken, but I suspected something else was wrong, the wheel bearing/hub assemblies are tight and quiet, so I removed the manual locking hubs to inspect them and the axle splines, and they came out in pieces, so much rust and mud inside as well.

I priced the manual locking hubs, about $450 apiece, I'm kind of wondering if they quoted me for wheel bearing/hub assemblies, but he swears it was just for the manual lock/unlock hubs. To me that pricing is absurd, so I want to see if I can get a couple good used ones, does any one know what year range these manual lockouts are the same for.

I would really appreciate any help. I'm kind of thinking they look the same from about '05ish, they look the same from what I can remember but want to be sure.

08-04-2016, 07:45 PM
That is a little high for each, but considering it's a shop, yes that's about their cost. Retail OEM the main part of the hub goes for about $350 ea.which also incorporates the ABS sensor. Then if anything else is needed like the locks, those are dealer only I believe & extra.

You have to understand... diesel = very expensive in repairs.

You can use parts from '11 to '16... & only F250 & F350 SDs, I believe.

08-05-2016, 07:36 AM
thanks for the reply. I get that shop price is more, but with everything wrong with this truck, the price of the lockouts alone without any labour is going to put this quote to fix in an area that they are not going to want to go to. I am going to call and talk to someone else this morning, I don't need the main wheel/bearing hub, I just need the lock/unlock pieces that slip into them over the axle splines. I've gotten them before and don't recall such a stupid price on them.

oh and it has the 6.2 gas not the 6.7 diesel, but I think its just as bad.

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