03 CR-V Clunking over bumps & right wheel hop Can't get firm brake pedal

07-12-2016, 08:11 AM
I am trying to figure out my CR-V's problem. Here is a run down.
2003 CR-V ex
Auto Tran

I have 2 issues...

-New complete struts driver passenger from Detroit Axle
All new harware bushings bolts for complete struts.

-New LCA & bushings driver & passenger sides.

-New balljoints both sides

-New cv shafts. Driver, center or mid half, and Passenger side.
-New Sway bar links

-New rotors and pads all around

-New master cylinder

-New 16" black wheels

-New tires balanced wheel and tires and had it re balanced.

-Just had alignment done 3 days ago.

I bench bled new master cylinder, bled at each caliper bleeder, did BR, FL, BL,FR. I have done gravity, air assist, old school 2 person and the brake pedal still feels spongy. I ha e bled over 4 quarts through the system.
I was told mabey air in ABS. So I did low tech fix well tried to fix...I went down a dirt road 70mph, did a Panic braking manever to activate the ABS System and waited 3 to 5 minutes and repeated 6 times. Then re bled brakes. Still soft pedal. I have brakes but pedal is very so gy feeling. Before, if took little effort to stop and you barely had to push brakes and it dI'd not have huge travel like now. I have vaccum as well. When the car is off, you can pump pedal up hard and when you crank it, it goes back spongy.
We checked all hard lines and all rubber lines and they are in great shape, no leakes. I did order steel braided line to replace the rubber ones , should be here in a week.
Any suggestions?

2nd issue...

I have short stroke wheel hop when on the highway on right side between 55 and 85 mph, at some speeds in between, it plains out with no hop.
**When I am driving on any road or at any speed, and hit a bump regardless of size of bump small or large, I get a clunk and it sounds like the right side. The clunk is amplified up to the Gas & Brake pedals ..and steering wheel.

I also notices the right tie rod has been hitting the inner wheel well or frame because you can see fresh metal showing.
Sitting on the ground, turn wheel right, I have about 1/4" or a hair more clearance.
When I go over the highway where they "milled" the asphalt, getting ready to re pave , it is all over the place like sever eonder.
I can be on the highway on normal asphalt, and get steering wonder.

** When I had my alignment, they said that the tie rods and outer ends were not loose at all. And they didn't see any leaks or worn parts other than the bushings are factory. The brought me back there and showed me.

I read on another forum that someone had similar steering issues like mine and it was the bushings needed replacing and the mounting bolts and the bolts that go through the bushings was not completely tight or needed re torquing.

Do you all think it might just be it needs new bushings and torque the bolts?
There is no leaking pwr steering fluid either..anywhere at all. Fluid is full as well.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

10-18-2016, 12:55 PM
I can't help you with the brake problem, but the clunk may be the differential harmonic balancer. It's mounted on top of the rear differential, and it's nothing more than a solid steel bar in a rubber mount. When the rubber wears out/breaks, it will clunk with every bump in the road.

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