New to the forum but not to building!

07-06-2016, 11:34 AM
I just want to start off by saying hello to everyone here on the forums. Im new but not really, ive always came to this site for its wealth of great information and tutorial's, but this is my first time registering and posting! I have a question for you guys who swap wheels on your builds. Now I am by no means new to swapping wheels on my builds, but I almost exclusively build Fujimi/Tamiya/Aoshima kits. I dont build american cars except for the cars i get from birthdays ect where someone doesnt know what to get me lol. I do have a few US cars in my stash and a couple of WIPs that are US. So I am building two different kits, one iisa Tamiya 325i BMW 4 door which Ive heard is a reboxed Revell kit using the Sarto Racing/Rocket Bunny transkit from Eightyone81 , and I am building a Revell Audi R8 kit, the Audi R8 is built using a Liberty Walk R8 transkit from Eightyone81 as wekk. Im stuck on swapping the wheels on the R8 as it has the wheel front/brake disk/wheel back setup. The BMW kit had the wheel face/piece to allow the wheel to spin/wheel back. It reminds me of older Revell and AMT kits from my childhood. I have an extensive collection of Fujimi,Aoshima,Hobby Design wheels and I want to use a set but of course I cant for the life of me figure out how to put the round peg in a square hole so to speak. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys.

07-06-2016, 08:29 PM
Hey mate, welcome to the forum! Would love to see some pics of your builds.
Timely question. Ive just encountered this issue with 2 Revell kits ive been building, a LaFerrari & 458 Italia. I too never like stock wheels on my builds, especially if theyre Revells usual under sized wheel + over sized tires, so I swapped them out for C1 Models 20" wheels. I'm sure others may have better ideas, but heres what I did.

1 - Grab Revell tires + wheels & insert them into the rubbish bin.

2 - Grab some better sized wheels (biggers always better right....?)

3 - I used C1 Models 20" wheels which have the same fitiment as Aoshima / Fujimi, big plug at back of wheel with hole init for the polycaps to go into.

4 - Assemble suspension componets of kit, preferably all painted & glued down complete. (which for the R8 means the engine bit too. Makes it a bit fidly but more accurate.

5 - youll need to drill a big hole approx 6mm diameter in the brake disks in the centre for the wheels to go into. Test fit. remove the little nub on the Hub of the suspension (although on my Italia build it acually came in handy to hold the new wheels on.

6 - You'll need a large styrene pipe, think the one I used was 8mm, with a big enough hole in the middle for the new Wheel to fit into.

7 - cut to approx 4-6mm & glue to back of brake, then test fit & trim to suit the fitiment your after.

8 - Superglue to the suspension hub at the desired ride height & repeat 3 more times.

Its not prototypically correct, but I dont care, it works for me. Also be sure to check that the wheel inner fenders dont interfere with the width of the wheels, Revells wheels are also too narrow. You'll also prob find that if you want it superlow you'll need to remove some of or all of the lower A arms.

Sorry I dont have any pics in progress, but i'll try & snap one tonight that'll hopefully explain it a bit better...
Good luck

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