'00 Lincoln LS - Oil in spark plug wells

06-01-2016, 01:02 PM
I bought a 2000 lincoln LS from my father-in-law knowing it had some issues. We were incorrectly told that it needed cam shaft sensors, but I had it checked out myself today.

4 (out of 8) cylinders are misfiring. He opened it up and saw that on the right bank 1 of the spark plug wells was filled with oil, and the other 3 the tubes are seeping. He also said 3 of the coils need replaced. Whoever had the car originally replaced 3 coils (they're 3 different part numbers on the coils they used).

Was wondering if anyone could give me any advice? I've been researching and the first suggestion is changing the valve cover gaskets and removing the oil to see what problems if any it eliminates.

06-01-2016, 02:06 PM
On the V8 the valve covers gaskets and plug well seals are not too bad to change out, and the coils are nearly simple to replace. Since obviously the seals are faulty, my recommendation would be to change the gaskets and seals, clean the oil from the plug wells, clean up the coils well, then see what issues remain. There's a pretty good chance you'll find you still have one or more bad coils, but may as well do what obviously needs to be done first. Changing out coils later won't be a bad process if necessary.


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