searching for reference material Ford Capri RS 1974

05-12-2016, 02:57 PM
for another new project i would need some reference material.
I need pictures from the technical site.Pics under the hood,trunk or interior are welcome.
Also every picture from the outside of the car is welcome.
This is the car i mean.


The pics from other racing Capri RS are also welcome.
Maybe you traveled to Goodwoood,Nürburgring or other vintage festivals and shoot some pics from the capri?
Or you visited some museum around the world and took some shots from it?
Or got some old photographs at home.
Every pics is welcome.
I found some at google,german Team Mücke racing and Ultimatecarpage.

Remember,every pic can be very helpful when i start to build this car.

Thanks in advice!
regards Christian

05-12-2016, 05:28 PM
This car was racing around Europe some years ago. I well remember it in Misano track (still old version, much faster than today) where me and a group of fools were so close to the nets we could see the german pilot in the eyes, a quite old fat guy, incredibly skilled and too happy to have supporters only for him and his super aggressive way of driving.
He made it, and win the race, making all the time the turn we were in heavy oversteering and with an arm outside saluting us.All the laps..all.
An hero, a real hero.

This car is mighty, good luck Chris.
Here my little contribution

05-14-2016, 08:08 AM ( ( by rgriffs (, on Flickr

have a look at these photos, some others are available by clicking on 'rgriffs' below the photo, i will keep on looking through my reference photos to see if i have anything else for you.
it is a replica, but an excellent one by rick wood racing in the uk. also JD classics have some photos on their web site it is the ex vince woodman car. motorsport mag did a feature on one several years ago, you could look in their archives. great subject for a model, go for it.

05-18-2016, 01:18 PM
Many,many thanks for those fabulous pictures. They are very helpful.

05-20-2016, 01:12 AM
Send me an email to PM and I'll send you a lot of photos Mücke Capri

05-20-2016, 04:39 AM
Mail was sent.


Big Pat
10-25-2016, 04:34 PM
I'm late to the party, but here are a few pictures I rediscovered of a similar Capri, I believe. I took a few of the engine bay - it was just so damn impressive!

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