SUV Size Comparison Chart

04-28-2016, 10:42 AM
Does anyone know where I can find a size comparison chart or table for SUV's?
I need some kind of table with all the makes and models listed down the rows and columns for length, width, height, etc.

I don't know what size I want and I am not sure of the make. But with a chart like this I could zero in on one or two sizes and then get the model from each manufacturer.

The manufacturer's websites suck. I tried a few and they are a waste of time. Like Lexus. First it takes forever to load with all these splashy pictures. It says I can compare vehicles but when I try the page is blasted with pictures and jumps all around. Then when I try to get two Lexus's it won't let me.

Sorry for the rant but the internet is getting useless with all splash and no information.


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