I need the help of scalemodel community

04-12-2016, 10:38 AM
Hi guys! I ask you to help me by your voices.
I built many years models and now I have an opportunity to participate in the real races in a professilnalny series of ring races!

All of us adore machines and we love races - I ask you to help!

That I reached the final of our competition, I need voices for my video.

It with subtitlings in English, specially, that you could understand sense. Everything is very serious for me!

It is necessary to follow the link: motor.ru/pilot/ (http://motor.ru/pilot/)also to vote for my video. Дмитрий Безсмольный.

It looks here so:
it is necessary to select my video and to click at the very bottom "to Vote"

I hope for your help!!!

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