Any rules for airbrushing flats & glosses over each other?

chato de shamrock
03-20-2016, 03:36 PM
Im building a kit that requires painting the interior door pannels, dashboard, etc. with two mixed sets of colors, black and field grey, and flat black and field grey. Im going to airbrush these parts and know when painting parts that require more than one color you should start by painting the light colors first, then masking them before painting the dark colors. Its always easier to cover up a light color with a dark then trying to cover up dark colors with light ones. But is there a rule when painting flats, semi-glosses and glosses one over the other? Im thinking treat the flats like light colors and glosses like dark colors but want to confirm if there's a rule of thumb.

Im also wondering if someone has the thread that talks about how much thinner to paint ratios for airbrushing Mr. Hobby, Tamiya, Model Masters etc. I remember reading the thread some years ago before i thought id ever have the work space to paint with airbrushes, so i didnt bother to bookmark or subscribe to that thread for future reference.

03-21-2016, 04:53 AM
I think it would be easier to put the flat coat over the gloss coat as then you can dust as much or little as you want to get the result. It would be much harder the other way around.

I mainly use Tamiya paints, but lately started using Mr Hobby (Gunze) and I treat them the same. Normally I mix 1 part paint to 2 parts thinner. But if I want to do fine detail, I will drop my air pressure and mix 1:3.
I mix up batches of paint now using Tamiya mixing jars, putting a whole 10ml of paint and add 20ml of Tamiya lacquer thinners. Then all I have to do is give it a stir and transfer into my airbrush with disposable pippets.

Hope that helps.

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