1994 XJ6 NO start

03-11-2016, 09:14 PM
My brother bought a 94 jag xj6 a few years back and it has been sitting in his garage since last year when it started acting up on him it would start fine in the morning then at night nothing a few days go by and it starts fine for a few days then it would start acting up again... the last time was the final straw he drove it to work came out at 12:30am to go home and nothing it would just turn over and seemed like there was no spark.... he went to pick it up in the morning and it fired right up so he drove it home and it hasn't been driven since as it WILL NOT start now.... we have been told it is a crank sensor but it doesn't have spark so we are at a loss and to try this and that is getting expensive i told him NOT to buy the jag but he always wanted one and well it became a lawn ornament........ so can anyone or has anyone else dealt with this scenario and know whether or not the crank sensor could be the issue

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