ABS wire pig-tale to hub need advice to make it more reliable

01-20-2016, 05:22 PM
I have a 2006 Montana SV6 and the ABS and traction control is constantly messing up. I scanned the codes and it said the driver front wheel. Basically at that moment, I knew it was either the pigtail or the wheel hub. I really didn't want to cut the wire so I first replaced the hub hoping it would fix it. It didn't. So, knowing it has to be the pig tail, I bought a new pigtail, cut and spliced it in. The old wiring is 10 years old, been exposed to all kinds of weather and was extremely brittle. I would barely touch it and the wire would rip in half. I spliced it in as close as I could before it combined into a ton of wires. It worked for a few months and the ABS and traction control is messing up again. I haven't scanned it but I can about guarantee the pigtail is still the issue. The only way I can think to fix it is if I could find a pgtail that had way longer than a few inches to splice in (maybe 10 feet.) Then bypass all the wiring to wherever it runs (ecm, pcm, or wherever) and splice it in somewhere in the engine compartment where it's drier and not exposed to the road weather elements like rain, snow, etc. Or, even better, if wherever it terminates on the otherside, have it just plugin and have no splices. Where can I terminate it other than the wheel? I'm thinking I could just bypass the factory wire, just buy the plastic protector stuff for the wire and just zip tie it to the old stuff and run it to wherever I need to. It would be nice if the pigtail had a 10 foot factory wire. If not, I could piece some new wire to a new pigtail. At least new wire would splice together considerably more reliably.

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