Actron cp9190 Scanner on Windows 10

01-06-2016, 08:03 AM
The software included with the scanner is not supported for Windows 10, but main executable loads and runs OK. However, the USB driver does not load.

I found a work around.

To install the drivers, you'll need to download the Windows 10 versions from the FTDI website, which is the company that makes the USB interface chip used in the scanner. The chip is FT232RL. To set your mind at ease, this is the same company the provided the driver that ships on the CD included with the scan tool. You can see this by looking at the driver properties.

Drivers are available at this site:

Unfortunately this download is not immediately usable with the scan tool as-is because the Vendor ID numbers and product ID numbers in the INF files don't match the values reported by the scan tool. Attempting to install the driver as-is with the scan tool fails. This is because Windows checks for the correct driver by looking at the VID & PID numbers reported by the USB device and the matches them up to the available drivers.

Consequently you'll need to add three lines to each of the INF files to create a match. The file is organized in sections. The sections where the lines need to be added are shown in the hard brackets "[section]". To edit the file, find the sections that match those shown below, then add the line shown below that follows the section header to the INF file. I can go anywhere after the section header so long as it is added before the next section header in the INF file.



USB\VID_125E&PID_2803.DeviceDesc="SPX USB Device"

Once the lines are added and the updated files are saved (overwrite the originals), if you try to install the drivers Windows 10 will report an error with the signature certificate of the software. To bypass that protection you'll need to reboot the PC in a mode that allows Windows to ignore the Digital Signature files.

This website describes how to boot in the Advanced Startup mode to installed "Unsigned Drivers"

After this is complete, the scan tool is ready to use with Windows 10.

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