New to forum but happy to belong

12-17-2015, 01:49 PM
New to the forum but very thankful to all who helped me with a problem on my 2004 Honda CRV. Here's a short story. We bought the Honda used with 20,000 miles on it. Its a great car, I have always loved Honda cars. From the first day, we noticed that if you left the lights on and opened the door, there was no alarm or warning that the lights were on. Figured that it was not standard equipment, but that it should be. Anyway, we have been really busy for a number of years now and I just ignored the problem even though as the result of leaving the lights on, the battery had run down several times. This is sad because I have been working on and repairing my own vehicles for 50 years. I seldom take them in for any reason. Well Tuesday this week was the final straw. I had taken my wife to the hospital for a procedure and was getting the car to take her home. It was cold out, and yes, I had left the lights on. Dead battery, had to get help jumping it while my sweet wife, who was not feeling well, had to wait. Finally got her home, made her comfortable, and then turned on the computer. Found this forum and read about the problem and how to fix it. Took a screwdriver, changed the switches on the doors and "voila" problem solved. I just want to thank you all for this forum and for the kind help that I received. I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. :) Thank you so much!

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