Which car?

12-13-2015, 08:46 AM
Hi I have a Dylema.

I am looking at two June 2013 2L Passat highlines, both exactly the same car at two different VW dealerships. I have done a lot of haggling and now at both of their best prices but I am worried about making the right decision and would love your help.

I am cautious and buying from the main dealer as I have been stung badly on my current 2012 passat which has had 1000's of pounds of issues in 8 months and I just found out it has standing water in it and is heavily corroded inside so I decided to cut my losses and part Ex it.

Car 1 (I have yet to inspect as it doesn't come in till wednesday)

27,000 miles 13,495

Car 2 ( I have inspected, its got some caliper rust and hub rust but everyone said that's fine, but cannot find any other corrosion anywhere.the front discs are worn but not at the end of life)

41,000 miles 12,800

Official page for this car


My images of the only corrosion I could find, its only the calliper I worried about as a clue to possible other hidden rust.


I wanted Car 1 as that has 16,000miles less on it but I have to put a tow bar on the cars so that takes it to an uncomfortable price for me but could push to it if I have to... Car two is 800 cheaper which gives me that extra money to do the tow bar but I worry about the rotor corrosion alittle and I think it should atleast be 1100 less than car 1 with that mileage, but they wont budge anymore.

Long of short of it I can afford car 2 and save some money or push myself for car 1, I am not convinced that mileage matters so much these days so tempting to save the money. I have to decide by monday without seeing car 1 as I have put a deposit on car 2 to hold it and the processing of it starts on monday. Both cars come with 2 years warranty, 2 years road side, 2 years servicing and 2 years MOT, Any advice appreciated.

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