Modded VK56DE's questions

12-02-2015, 07:19 AM
I don't own a Titan,but have driven one plenty of times.Enough to do some digging on the 5.6's performance,along with mods.However overtime I noticed alot have used this VK for swaps in 240s,Z's,etc.I saw quite alot have with installed ITBs&Velocity stacks to give the engine more breathing capacity.I've pictures and videos of it under or hanging abit above the hood of 240's&Zs.But I just wonder has anyone tried it with just the Titan itself?Personally I'd like to see if not own a Titan with that hot rod look,and gain of power.But I just want to know can it even be done on the Titan,like it has been done with cars using its engine.
-New to the forum,but not the Titan.

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