10-29-2015, 08:48 PM
hi, I have a problem with my windshield visibility.ok so 1st I had my wiperblades changed I had a pair of bosch blades put on cost me around $50 wanted the best as I do a lot of driving and need to see well.At some point I applied rainx to the exterior and rainx fog to the interior.Car windshield '' fogs '' up and its very hard to see when wiper blades are on when its raining out. I contacted rainx to see how to remove the rainx. I used soft scrub on the exterior windshield scrub hard than hosed it off.Then I purchased something from rainx called extreme clean scrub it than hosed it off the windshield.This morning it rained hard and after all I did my visibility is still poor.I almost think its my wiper blades causing me the problems. I took alcohol and wiped the blades.Never had this issues when I had my stocked blades that came with the car.So any advice would be greatly appreciated as I expect lots of rain coming.Don't want to think about driving in the snow with this windshield the way it is. thanks

10-30-2015, 12:48 PM
I clean my inside glass with 91-95% IPA when it gets too bad. And windex outside.

Did you save your old blades ??
OEM refills/inserts are cheap, and work well.

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