2000 Cavalier Intermittent Overheating

10-27-2015, 08:07 PM
I have a 2000 Cavalier that seems to only overheat when my Daughter drives it. She drove for about half a mile and the car immediately overheated.
I brought the car home and tried to verify what was happening. I drive the car every day to work (5 miles) now and still have not had any problems.
This is an ongoing problem. I did change the thermostat a few weeks ago and it didn't seem to help. I did a compression test and reading were #1 Cyl 175, #2 Cyl 165, #3 Cyl 165, # 4 Cyl 180. I did have aq little trouble getting the compression tester to seat properly as the adapter they gave me needed a socket that was to big to get all the way down to where the plug goes.
The cooling fan does go on if the car is sitting at idle and running.
I would appreciate any help.

Tech II
10-27-2015, 10:44 PM
When you changed the thermostat a few weeks back, you coulld have created an air pocket if you didn't burp the system of air....

The air pocket can cause it to overheat....

By the time you got it back, the air pocket could have worked it's way out of the engine......Double check the coolant level is at correct level...if there is a radiator cap, remove and make sure the radiator is full.....make sure reservoir is full to cold mark, also...

If there is no radiator cap, make sure the reservoir is full to the cold line on the reservoir, when the engine is first started(cold)...add if necessary and make sure the cap on the reservoir is tight...

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