1/43 Rally kits - Celica ST185, St205, Escort CSW and Lancia questions

09-02-2015, 02:04 AM
I want buy some 1/43 Rally kits and need help. On market is few manufactured. Which one is best, shape is main for me? Starter, racing43?
Lancia Delta, Celica St185 and 205 and Escort Cosworth.

09-02-2015, 05:14 PM
Racing43 is the best choice for sure, especially for the 205 T16.
one good reason is that their decals (Zanchetti) are the best on the market !

09-11-2015, 01:27 AM
I would agree, I have Toyota and Lancia from Racing 43, both are very good in shape and details. Only down side, if you ask me are lights. Headlights on S4 are PE parts, very flat and should be replaced. On Celica rear ones are decals. All other things are very nice.

09-23-2015, 04:40 AM
Agree that Racing 43 are better than the Starter & Provence Moulage kits. Also, the majority of the Racing 43 kits are white metal whereas the Starter & Provence Moulage kits are resin.

Also look for Meri. They are white metal like the Racing 43 and some are a little better than Racing 43.

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