'03 Isuzu in 4wd switch in 2WD

08-07-2015, 06:16 AM
If this is repetitive I apologize now....I saw some threads referencng this on older models but I am a new Rodeo owner and I'm not familiar with the model change years..

A few months ago, I bought an '03 used with 174k miles on it. It has an automatic transmission and a V6. I noticed that when it was rainy out sometimes the vehicle would lock into 4hi of it's own accord. It would also unlock the same way and go back into 2wd. I haven't had any trouble out of it for about a month but now it is locked into 4WD and wont come out.

If I move the selector switch on the dash to 4lo I hear the actuator on the trxfer case engage and it locks into 4L. When I turn it back to 4H I hear the actuator engage and it goes to 4H and locks in. I do NOT hear the txfer actuator when I move the switch from 4wD to 2wd. Should it move again or is that what the front actuator is for?

In a few days I will have to take about a 1000 mile round trip and I would like to have this resolved...or at least dedicated to 2wd.

Also, does anyone know what trouble I could get in if I were to remove the fuse under the hood for TCM /TCCM? I know that will disable the txfer case actuator, but I'm not sure what else it will disable that I might need? The vehicle has a button for Power Drive and Winter Drive but I don't think I will need either.

Any help I can get would be much appreciated..


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