Buying a 1990 (91?) Tracker 92K miles

07-23-2015, 11:59 AM
I have a '93 Geo Metro named The phoenix (DoctorBill) which is on this Forum.

It is getting rather old and doesn't track well in slush here in the Spokane area of Washington State.

Saw this '90 tracker for sale - so I am buying it. Has a metal hard top (LSI) and is an Automatic
four banger (1.6 L). 92,000 miles (?).
Supposedly was a service vehicle for a Montana Ski Resort most of it's life and wasn't driven as
much as 15 years of age would warrant. No way to tell if that is true or not.....

I notice on the specs for these Trackers that the '90 had no Automatic transmissions. So this must, in reality, be a '91. Click on Specs link.

Any comments from former/current owners that would help me keep this old girl running ?

According to specs, has a GM Turbo Hydramatic 3 gear THM180 (3L30) Automatic Transmission.
I'll have it serviced ASAP.

Probably needs new Brake Pads, Wheel Bearings, etc. Typical used car stuff....


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