shelby cobra race version- fujimi or revell?

07-22-2015, 09:09 PM
he all
both brands have good and bad points, has anyone built either the fujimi or revell shelby cobra race model 1;24
(im talking the windowless one)

fujimi (RS-56)
revell (ID 80-7367)

thanks in advance.

Hemi Killer
07-23-2015, 04:05 AM
I haven't built them yet, but I have both kits. Fujimi is terrible and the body is very bubbly

I am planning on doing a super detailed build of a 427 with Webers. I bought the Fujimi Deluxe kit, which has white metal parts and the Revell kit. I also bought the hobby Design detail set, which is very nice.

Here is an album showing the comparisons between the two.

The main things that stood out were:

1. Fujimi fender flares bubbly and cartoonish.
2. Fujimi front shape of car is weird. Cowl is above fender
3. Fujimi engine is a joke, no detail
4. The Fujimi tires are by far the best.
5. The tires fit better in the Revell wheel arches better than Fujimi, they look more complete.

Overall, the Revell body is by far the better shape

07-23-2015, 04:57 AM
I've been toying the idea to build a cobra. My uncle is in the process of finishing his real one and I'd like to build a replica. The Fujimi seems to be wider than the revell. Always google image for one and I must say neither kit looks right, they seem off in different places

07-23-2015, 08:56 AM
Built it a long time ago but from what I remember the Revell kit builds up quite nicely, yes tires should probably be replaced but that's a minor inconvenience. Engine detail is good, stance seems about right as well. And you can find them pretty cheap too!


07-23-2015, 08:26 PM
I Built the Revell one eariler this year, its quite good, It comes with all the street stuff too so I build a street version. As with most older kits, parts fit & position is a little vague.
Mine turned out alight except for a minor warp in the chassis leaving it 3 wheels on the ground!

07-23-2015, 09:53 PM
thanks for all the feedback, leaning towards the revell kit now i think

07-24-2015, 08:35 AM
The Fujimi kit was patterned after a replica, the body is out of proportion, as is the windshield frame. The engine is a joke, wheels and tires are nice, if you like four identical wheels/tires (the Cobra has bigger wheels in back).

Anyone who knows Cobras will go for the Revell kit, even if it's not perfect. It's a nice kit.

07-25-2015, 03:55 AM
Revell with fujimi wheels

07-26-2015, 10:17 AM
I made the revell one many years ago. It's a good kit overall. Revell Germany usually makes better model than regular Revell kit.

Old pictures (, but.. : (

07-27-2015, 08:11 AM
The Fujimi wheels/tires are excellent. Some other small bits from the kit are very nice as well such as the jacking points. The Fujimi is basically a nice Cobra parts kit.,rswkstwdqfwsqgbxbbgwgwfkqrft,vi/rggftfkdrxswfbrrbkk/4/1755924/12824132/photo2-vi.jpg

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