'91 Shadow America, self induced issue

07-06-2015, 07:32 PM
So basically a few months ago, I lost my key and went to a local parts store in an effort to see what I should do, they recommended that I try to pull the tumbler out, I'm not that mechanically inclined, I understand certain concepts vaguely but the description given wasnt very good but I went ahead and tried anyway, it ended in frustration because I didnt even have the right screwdriver to take off the steering column covers so I kinda bashed it a little with a screwdriver, loosening it from the steering column a bit before giving up. I eventually found the key and for a while it was starting fine even though there was some damage; fast forward a few days and my friend is helping me out and we replaced the battery and when I went to turn the key, it simply locked up and we tried everything to free it. Anyway he finished the job I started and the key turned without issue for about a month before it once again locked up, but it doesnt make sense to me isn't the tumbler the part that locks the ignition? Why would it seize again? Is there another locking mechanism or something, what should i do to get this thing starting again apart from replacing the whole deal which would cost way too much for me right now in parts and labour but I really need it for work. http://imgur.com/3aFlPVv If it helps, here is a picture.

06-18-2018, 04:19 PM
If you have a floor shift, make sure the shifter is all the way forward in park. This happened to me.

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