VW Dealership corruption rampants

07-01-2015, 01:34 PM
VW Dealerships across the country are posting the following text on their websites:


Confidence guaranteed.
We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we design our comprehensive warranty around you, the driver. Of course, because a car is a complex product made up of thousands of smaller parts, there’s always the small chance a problem could occur. Because of this, our warranty ensures that a defect is repaired without you having to pay any extra costs. The new car warranty lasts four years or 80,000 km, and the warranty against rust perforation as long as 12 years with unlimited mileage."

This text is patently false. It is truly False Advertising from a dishonest company. And here's why:

Volkswagen in it race to be the number one car dealer in America has inadvertently manufactured a very large percent of its cars with a suspension defect that they refuse to fix. The rate of defect is so high that Volkswagen has determined the defective cars are too expensive to fix, rather they have decided to dump these cars with defective suspensions on unsuspecting customers who make the mistake of walking into a Volkswagen Dealership.

In fact, our understanding is that these defective cars have a mark down incentive to the dealers, encouraging dealers to dump them on unaware customers. Volkswagen hopes the duped customers won't notice the defect, or if they do then they will refuse to fix the defective cars. The trade-off for Volkswagen of pissing off a few customers and/or fighting a few lawsuits is much less then the cost of having to fix all their defective cars.*

They can do this because the suspension defect is not a safety Hazard, and as a result the government will not get involved.

I, the author of this e-mail, am a victim. You can read my story at: http://www.vwfraudclassaction.com/.

Ken Boulange

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